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KU Film & Media Studies Resources

  • FMS Production Policy on COVID-19 - FMS has made changes to its policy on production-related equipment and space usage to protect the health and welfare of all students, staff, and faculty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Food Resources

  • The Sunrise Project has a “Sunrise Community Pantry” which is based on community donations and located at 1501 Learnard. Community members may leave and take supplies (food, diapers, menstrual products, toilet paper, etc.) as we collectively experience life under COVID-19.​
  • Ladybird Diner (721 Massachusetts St. (785) 856-5239) is preparing free lunches daily for children, families, and individuals in need. 11am to noon, Mon-Fri.
  • Just Food - Local Food Bank


State of Kansas Information

  • Get general information on Kansas policies for individuals/families, child care/foster care, cleaning, education,public events/mass gatherings, public utilities and more.


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