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Film & Media Studies Graduate Program

Doctor of Philosophy Degree Overview

The Ph.D. is a five-year, studies and research-based program, culminating in a dissertation in a chosen area.

To be admitted, a student ordinarily is expected to have a Graduate Record Examination score of at least 160 verbal (formerly 600), 144 quantitative (formerly 500), and 4.5 analytical writing. Applicants also must have a grade-point average of at least 3.2 for undergraduate and at least 3.5 for graduate work, and a master's degree acceptable to the graduate faculty. Deficiencies in a student's background may require make-up work.

See our admissions page for requirements to enter the Ph.D. program and instructions for your application.

Film and Media Studies 2018-2019 Graduate Handbook

For more info and statistics about our program see the Film and Media Studies Doctoral Program Profile.

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